Mary J. Bigelow is about...
^ Mary colaborated with dozens of artists on a mural in downtown Chicago for You Are Beautiful. Each artist created letters to spell out "You Are Beautiful" in several languages. The collective work stretched for a city block.
^ Mary's piece, "The Vase", sold at auction at Intuit Gallery, Chicago's premiere oganization for folk art.

Venus Zine
^ Mary's fashion work was featured in Venus Zine. Click on the image above to see her rockin' styles profiled, and watch this space for more of Mary's great fashion designs.
^ Japanese magazine, Lightning, printed art from "All Hands", Dan & Mary's show at Filter in Chicago's Wicker Park.
^ In their Artist News, The Chicago Artist Coalition covered "Utopicturesque", the first show the Bigelow Siblings teamed up for. Click on the image above to read the article. You may notice that Mary was given credit for one of Dan's pieces.
^ "Earth Moudra", a collaboration by Dan & Mary is a protection blessing for the whole world. It was the central piece in "Utopicturesque", where they focused on creating artwork to improve the planet.
Burn Hollywood Burn
^ Burn Hollywood Burn! On March 30th we witnessed the famed Hollywood Sign dodge the bullet of a firey demise. Wow.
^ We would like to thank everyone who attended our Katrina Benefit, where we auctioned off art and collected donations of goods and cash to help victims of the hurricane. "Get Well Soon" (above) was one of the works sold to benefit the charities Hull House, Noah's Wish, & Providence House. This event was an important milestone in our lives where we saw first hand how we can make a difference. Lets hear it for art with heart!
-Dan & Mary

^ Dan & Mary, back in the day, when they were small fries in the wild west.
^ Twelve generations of Bigelows on the continent, & now Bigelows in orbit, baby! Believe it! www.bigelowaerospace.com.
Finis Coronat Opus.
Daniel V. Bigelow is about...

^ Dan returned to The Hive for their second annual show, "The Birds and the Bees". The LA Weekly was there and put our boy on the LA Street Team page!Titmouse @ the Hive
^ The logo for Titmouse Inc., the production company where we animate "Metalocalypse", was the inspiration for this piece. Chirp.
^ Dan met the love of his life when his painting, "Hurl Your Thunderbolts Even Unto Death" showed at The Hive Gallery, an arts collective in LA. It was his first show on the west coast.
^ Dan moved to Hollywood to work as a designer for the new Adult Swim show, "Metalocalypse" on the Cartoon Network. This little cartoon show tells the story of Metal superstars, Dethklok. Production on the second season is now under way.

^ Dan's NewCity Magazine cover was sold to benefit The Chicago Public Art Group, a non-profit organization working with communities to improve neighborhoods.